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Some people get around these costs by doing the work themselves.  However, that could be even more costly.  Imagine replacing the relatively low labor rate above for your hourly rate or expected take home pay.  This could make these costs sky rocket.

Traditional Employee

When you hire an employee in a traditional relationship, you sign yourself up for much more than the base salary the employee receives.  There are the direct costs, which include payroll taxes, supplies, equipment, and additional office space required.  You must also factor in the indirect costs of any idle time (i.e. vacations, holidays, sick time, and even breaks and lunches).  Some positions are prone to high turn over and will create a considerable additional cost in recruiting, hiring, training, and potentially severance pay.  It all adds up.

Avery Harper Solutions

We charge one low rate and you only pay for the work we complete.  We have fixed price packages or we can also work by the hour to perfectly tailor our services to your needs.  

You only pay for the time we are working and we tailor our approach to meet your needs.  There are no overhead costs and it may be possible to get warehouse pricing for your accounting software.

The value we deliver is so much more than the price of our services.  Paul Rodriguez, our founder and CEO will personally bring his decade of financial management experience and his two masters degrees to assist with each and every client. Once we have observed your business processes and understand how your business works, we can help with those processes to make them more efficient and deliver better results.  We take pride in combing through the data and transforming it into useful information to make important operational and long term strategic decisions.  



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